AwardCore provides custom award show systems and unparalleled support for shows large and small.

Entry System

Custom, streamlined entry system built around your workflow. We adapt to your needs and keep it simple for your entrants.

Admin System

All the information you need about entries, entrants, credits, judging and winners at your fingertips. View online or via Excel.

Quality Control System

Upon upload, files are automatically scanned to ensure they meet specs. Later, files can be screened and approved in the QC system.

Online & Live Judging

Whether judging happens online or live, in one or multiple rounds, our simplified judging system records and calculates scores instantly.

Entry System Philosophy

  1. Keep it simple. Entrants should never have to enter the same information twice. Each entry is a reference to a unique submission. Input credits and upload files once. The submission can be copied into multiple categories.
  2. No roadblocks. Entrants have a lot to do in a short time. They should never be stopped in the middle of the entry process. Missing mandatory credits or files? No problem. Input what you have and keep moving.
  3. Once is enough. When credits are edited or a file is replaced, changes are automatically reflected in all entries that reference that submission. No need for extra work.
  4. Easy payments. Integration with the credit card processing service of your choice ensures payments are immediately posted to your account. Entrants makes one payment that covers all costs and the fees. Other payment methods such as check or bank transfer can also be offered.
  5. Help along the way. Throughout the entry process, helpful "tips" guide the entrant to the next step. If an entrant has problems with formatting files properly, they can e-mail AwardCore support directly for expert help.

Our Services

Learn about your workflow

Every awards show is unique. Learning everything about your process is essential. The goal is to have a streamlined, simple to use system that does everything you need.

Build your ideal system

Each system is built to the needs of the show. This includes the entry, administrative, quality control and judging systems. Custom Excel reports put on demand information at your fingertips.

Support for you and your entrants

We are on call to answer questions from you, entrants or judges. Whether it's a technical question about the site or how to properly create a file, we can be contacted directly to get answers quickly.

Cloud Hosting

AwardCore will host your entire system on our secure, cloud servers. No need to have IT folks stress about servers or uptime. Our systems handle tens of thousands of entries and are accessible worldwide.

Accept all entries as digital uploads

Whether a video, print or audio entry, files can easily be uploaded. No more waiting for dvds in the mail. If your show requires hard copies, our barcodes will make checking in elements a breeze.

Auto-create web ready files

Online judges may have to view hundreds of entries. Our system automatically creates high quality, web-ready files so judges don't have to wait for long downloads.

Improvements on the fly

New and better ideas can come up at anytime, often after the call for entries is open. We can quickly adapt and implement changes as improvements are developed.

Partners through the entire process

Before, during and after the call for entries, we're here for you. We understand the crush of deadline days and the fast turnaround needed for judging results.