10 Things Award Show Entrants Who Wait Until Deadline Day to Enter Say


  1. I have 40 minutes until the deadline, plenty of time to read the instructions.

  2. My files are all in the wrong format! Oops!

  3. I'm sure the award show folks will answer my questions right away, they probably have nothing else going on right now.

  4. Late fees? There are late fees?

  5. I'm sure my boss won't mind if I call her at 2:37 AM.

  6. Hmmm...Who was the DP? I'll just wing it. "Director of Photography: Jed Smedredroved"

  7. Why is it taking more than 2 minutes for my 10GB file to upload?

  8. What time is it in -insert appropriate city/country here- ?

  9. They'll extend the extended deadline...right?

  10. I'm special, they'll make an exception for me!